South Coast Dermatology Institute is committed to providing both the safest and latest dermatological and cosmetic surgery procedures. Our wide range of available treatments represent the very best in dermatological care. Whether it's skin rashes and acne treatment or advanced hair removal, chemical peels, and Botox, South Coast can offer you the solution to your individual skincare needs.

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VelaShape II
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triniti Facial Treatment
triniti Facial Treatment
The complete skin program for immediate, visible and long lasting results, triniti is a treatment in three steps, performed sequentially, during the same office visit. With the triniti skin program, color correction, skin tightening and focused dermal remodeling can all be achieved in a single session.

Triniti combines three different light and laser based technologies to treat age spots, blood vessels, fine lines, and helps tighten the skin.

triniti Before and After